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Your Guide to Putter Fitting

Your Guide to Putter Fitting

If you were to pick a favorite out of all the clubs in your bag, you'd probably choose your putter.

All professional golfers know how crucial a role their putter plays in their short game. But when it comes to picking a putter, most causal golfers probably aren't choosing wisely.

The trick to buying a good putter is to find one that fits you.

Putter fitting may seem like something that's only for the pros, but it could be the thing you need to get over those last few strokes.

Don't know how to pick the perfect putter for you?

Here is everything you'll ever need to know about putter fitting.

Toe Hang

Toe hang is the position the toe of the putter hangs in when the putter is left lying on its own.

A putter's toe hang affects the way the player squares the putter's face when they hit the ball.

Measuring the level of face rotation in your swing will help you figure out the level of tow hang your putter should have.


Most golfers already know what offset is, as it's something players usually have to think about with long distance or full swing clubs.

A putter's offset is the placement of the shaft in relation to the face and can affect whether the player aims to the right or the left.

Finding a putter with the right offset will help a player aim more accurately.


One of the most obvious aspects of finding a putter that fits you is determining the proper shaft length. Length is also one of the easiest traits to measure and can be measured at most pro shops.

Using a putter that is too long or too short can impact your putting stance, which, in turn, can alter the angle at which you see the ball affecting the way you aim.

Head Weight

It is a common practice to use putters with lighter heads on fast greens and putters with heavier ones on slow ones. But, it is important to remember that weight is subjective.

Proper putter weight varies from person to person and cannot be easily measured on your own. A professional putter fitting can help you determine what weight will work best for you.


You can measure out every aspect of your putter, but if you don't have the right grip none of that will matter.

The grip is so vital because it is the only point where you come directly into contact with your putter. Your grip affects the positioning of your hands which affects the direction of your stroke.

You could test out dozens of different grips of varying thicknesses and designs on your own time. But, getting a putter fitting will help you find the correct type for you much faster.

The Importance of Putter Fitting

A good putter doesn't have to be the same brand used by a big name. While it may be tempting to buy one because you like the way it looks or feels, those elements aren't going to help you take strokes off your game.

A putter fitting may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it's an experience that will pay off in the long run.

Need a place to go test out your new putter?

Come to Palencia Club and book a tee time today!

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