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Men's Golf Association

Mission Statement

The MGA is an organization dedicated to promoting and running fun and competitive men’s golf tournaments at Palencia. With the help of Palencia’s professional staff, their duties include:

  • Establishing the conditions under which the competition is played
  • Defining the course set up
  • Determining starting times and pairings
  • Determining where strokes are to be given or received
  • Determine rule(s) for breaking ties
  • Determining any Local Rules that will be used
  • Adjudicating any conflicts (or rule questions) during the event
  • Determining the entry fee
  • Determining how the entry fee is to be allocated
  • Determining if and what type of betting (if any) will be allowed
  • Determining if the score (s) for the event are to be posted as “Tournament” scores

Why Should You Join?

If you are a male, a full golf member at Palencia, and wish to play competitive golf; you should join so that you can play in the MGA Member-Only Events. Additional benefits include:

  • Discounted entry fees for selected events such as the Member Guest
  • From time-to-time, there are “themed” buying days with unique buying opportunities only for MGA members
  • MGA members are invited to the MGA Dinner, substantially funded by the MGA.

What Does it Cost?

$100 Per Annum