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Women's Golf Association

Play Days

The Palencia WGA Membership is composed of 18-hole golfers and 9-hole golfers of all playing levels — and as you can see, we’re a fun-lovin’ bunch. Besides having fun, we also love to play golf. So while many country clubs have only one official ladies’ play day each week, we have TWO — Thursdays and Saturdays — with tee times for both 18-hole and 9-hole players on each day. Play day games offer a variety of formats — some individual play, some team play, some scrambles, all fun. And interspersed with the play days, there are many fun WGA special events during the year for members to participate in. In addition, there are many Inter-Club events with other clubs in the area. These give the 18-hole and 9-hole players a chance to enjoy other private courses (at bargain rates!) and meet other women who also enjoy playing golf.

Coquina Classic

The Coquina Classic is a 2-day member-guest gala held by the Palencia WGA every spring. Each year the organizers choose a fun overall theme, which recently was the Kentucky Derby. And with big hats, mint juleps, good friends and fun times, everyone was a winner!

The Queen of Clubs

The Queen of Clubs title is awarded each year to the player who wins the Royal Shoot-Out in May. To compete in this popular but nerve-wracking event, a player needs to have the lowest net on the monthly Queen Qualifier day.

Sadie Hawkins

In the Sadie Hawkins event, WGA members ask a guy who’s NOT their husband to play golf. Traditionally, players have worn hillbilly outfits, but recently, just for something different, the WGA put a plaid spin on the occasion — and the effect, across dozens of players, was downright dizzying.

Fun All Year

The WGA has lots of fun, exciting activities    going from Opening Day in September through Closing Day in May. Following September’s Opening Day Scramble, the fun continues with the monthly Queen of Clubs challenges for Low Net, the 1-day Fall Classic Member Guest, special events like a Halloween Spook-tacular, the ask-a-guy-who’s-not-your-husband Sadie Hawkins tournament, the Jingle Bell Scramble and festive Holiday Party, the Team Match Play Tournament, the fabulous 2-day Coquina Classic Member Guest in the Spring, the Memorial Charity Tournament, the Queen of Clubs Shoot-Out for the Crown and the Closing Day Scramble in late May. The Palencia WGA has it all — from competitive tournaments to semi-serious games to good-time golf — plus double play days every week! Whether you play 18 or 9, whether you’re competitive or carefree, the WGA keeps the fun going for you all year long!